Worst Programming Languages Ever

I was doing some google searching today and stumbled upon this question on stackoverflow: What is the worst programming language you ever worked with? You can check the link for yourself, but my favorite response:

For me the second worst in my opinion isĀ Doors DXL. Programming languages can be divided into two groups: Those with manual memory management (e.g. delete, free) and those with a garbage collector. Some languages offer both, but DXL is probably the only language in the world that supports neither. OK, to be honest this is only true for strings, but hey, strings aren’t exactly the most rarely used data type in requirements engineering software.

The consequence is that memory used by a string can never be reclaimed and DOORS DXL leaks like sieve.

There are countless other quirks in DXL…

I guess I get a kick out of being good at one of the worst programming languages ever.

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