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iOS7 Tip: Restore Lost Contacts

Ran into an issue with the current iOS7 release with contacts, and figured I’d share.

The other morning my contact list was wiped. No contacts. But contacts were on my Mac. I sign into iCloud and all my contacts are there (and Apple did a GREAT job with the iCloud contacts page, you should really check it out).

I realized that one of my Exchange accounts had its password expire and I hadn’t set a new password. Creating a new password and putting it on my iPhone restored all of my contacts.

More content coming soon…

I just want to ask you all for your patience.The end of the year really got me good. I got sick and swamped at work at the same time!I also needed to take some time off for the holidays, so I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things.It shouldn’t be long before more updates are up. I wish all of you a healthy, happy 2008! 

Live from Atlanta

I am writing this from Atlanta, GA, site of 2007’s Telelogic User Group Conference. If any of you see me, please don’t hesitate to come up to me and say hi.

Also, I will be presenting my white paper, “Using DOORS to Update and Configure DOORS Clients” on Tuesday afternoon. I hope to see you there!

Site Redesign

I’m sure you can see by now that I have redesigned the site. It’s a lot more legible than the old site, in my opinion. I hope you all like it!