Site Upgraded and Other Notes

I’ve upgraded the software that runs this site.

One major issue has finally been resolved: I’ll get notified when a comment is being moderated. I had to implement comment moderation due to spammers and unfortunately did not realize that my mail system was not forwarding these moderation messages to me until this past week.

I’ve also added a two-factor registration to the site to keep the community behind this site clean. Really no spam should ever come through.

That being said, there were quite a number of spam user registrations. If you try to login and post a comment to this site and cannot, please just recreate your account.

I’ll have some posts soon and do plan on continuing my DXL tutorial series. Business has been very good over the past few years but that brings with it a paradox–the more successful the company is the less time I have for blog postings and other cool stuff.

However, I have some things coming down the pipeline. I can’t wait to share them with you. One is coming very, very soon and I’m excited about it! Stay tuned!

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