So long, RRC! Welcome RDNG!

Anyone who has downloaded the milestone release of Rational Requirements Composer 5.0 may have noticed that in the help documentation, Rational Requirements Composer does not have its own help section. DOORS Next Generation, however, does.

When version 5.0 of the Jazz suite gets released in June, RRC will be no more. The name of Jazz’s requirements management tool will henceforth be Rational DOORS Next Generation.

I suspected this change coming for a while. As RRC gained modules, most places I’ve seen latched onto modules, even if they had never used DOORS 9. Having DOORS and RDNG still presents the “which tool should I use” problem to IBM, but at least IBM has narrowed the list down from three tools to two tools.

With the upcoming Requirements Configuration Management capabilities in RDNG (open beta starting around June and final release coming in Q4), I expect RDNG’s marketshare to grow exponentially, especially since existing DOORS 9 users can leverage their licenses for RDNG.

In the meantime, I can now speak about RDNG to everyone we do business, and that will lead to less confusion to my customers and even within IBM. June 1 can’t get here soon enough.

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