Innovate 2012: DOORS DXL Script Exchange

I’m just going to list the scripts and their functionality.

Rules have changed this year: Scripts can be up to 2000 lines long.

Export Heirarchy to HTML

Patrick Roach

Apparently based on the included DOORS HTML Exporter. Lets you selected which modules to export (including linked modules).

It’s a standard exporter but no Stylesheet information is used to make the HTML pop. I actually started work on something similar a few years ago, but felt that RPE made it obsolete.

Advanced Table Properties


Very impressive. Amazingly impressive. Can merge cells, easily set border option. Can select diagonally. Can Merge Right and Merge Left. Can split cells. Insert Row button. Incert Column button (left and right. Can remove rich text, show/hide link arrow, jump tables.

If he adds sort capabilities, which is not trivial, DOORS tables just may be usable. No table split capability either, which is fine.

I hope the author submits this to our DXL Repository (hint, hint).

Folder Hierarchy Picklist Wrapper (my name for it)

Alex Ivanov

Helps to run DXL on multiple modules easily. Can choose a folder and then it’ll pick up all modules in a folder, even allowing to optionally match a search term (e.g., “Software”) and then runs any DXL you want across modules in the database.

Baseline Manager


A customer wanted to view baselines by “1”, not “1.0”. And search by milestone description (which is a pre-defined list).

The script will search out baselines matching criteria that has been input. Can also create a baseline with this tool. Also allows signatures. With the signature, it will allow a role selection, and also a label (Rejected/Accepted). If Rejected, a comment is required.

DOORS to RTC Bridge

Author did not give his name, but he sounded Scottish

Open-source VB.Net project. ALlows requirements in DOORS to be linked to work items in RTC using OSLC.

  • Uses Madgex OAuth Library
  • Requires MS .NET Framework 4
  • There are instructions.

This is not a DXL script.

There is a girl snoring.

ANd the winner is…

Advanced Table Properties

My Suggestions for Next Year

OK, everyone. THe first rule of making a presentation is to introduce yourself. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, because even though I think everyone should know exactly who I am, the fact is they don’t. So I tell them who I am when I get in front of them. Simple.

Next year apparently is not going to be DXL specific. It’s going to be general DOORS scripting, so OSLC, VB, and other languages will be allowed.

This year, allowing 2000 lines, a revelation occurred: Why haven’t they done this before? It was absolutely stupid to limit the competition to 75 lines. Talk about limiting potential! I say lift the limit completely! Imagine some of the scripts that would be out there today if they didn’t have this absolutely ridiculous limitation. You could have had multiple competitions, one with the 75-line limit, and another without.

And on the same note, give better prizes. An Amazon gift certificate is nice, but make it like $500 or $1000. Or free admission next year (which I think is what they used to give) or something.

Also, send out notification. Apparently the DXL competition notification went out really late this year. That was acknowledged. But here I am, running a Web site that has a DXL Repository and I did not get any such notification at all.

Looking forward to what next year will bring.

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