Download older Telelogic Products while you can!

I could not attend this year’s UGC. However, friends of mine that are in attendence have told me it was announced that when Telelogic officially becomes IBM on November 1, all Telelogic software that was released before this July will be pulled from the downloads area of Telelogic’s/IBM’s site.

For DOORS, this means you will be able to download DOORS 9.1, but not DOORS 8.1 through 9.

But this isn’t a DOORS-only issue. If you use older versions of any of Telelogic’s product offerings this effects you.

I was told that people at the conference are not happy about this. I’m not either, for the same reason that the people in attendence aren’t, but also that this is a major action for IBM to take, and they should have emailed ALL of their registered users and let them know about this, not just the ones at the conference.

Anyhow, that’s why sites like this one exist.


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