White Papers Galore

For those of you who couldn’t attend the US 2007 UGC conference, I thought I would pass along some information that was provided to those who did.

Telelogic has posted the white papers from this year’s conference here:


Not all white papers will be posted due to some companies not giving Telelogic permission to share. And according to the email, not all white papers have been posted yet, so you have to keep checking back

It’d be nice to have all those white papers in one place instead of having to poke and prod around. But if you’re willing to do that poking and prodding, I’m sure you’ll find some useful information.


  1. This is great…

    You guys (Galatic Solution, SmartDXL, DXLScripts.com and of course Baselines inc) provide a wonderful service to the DOORS users!

    I have a search the web and collected my own respository of DXLs. How can I contribute to your site? Especially since Telelogics is choosing to “erase” very useful DXLs from their site….

    Thanks again!

  2. Welcome!

    Feel free to upload any DXL to our DXL repository. I think that’s the single biggest thing you can contribute. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a snippet that shows someone how to do something simple or complex.

    Thank you for the kind words.

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