IBM Rhapsody and DOORS Englightenment Series 2012

I received the following email from Nancy Rundlet at IBM.

IBM is now offering both Rhapsody Enlightenment and DOORS Enlightenment every Friday, alternating between the two products. NOTICE that there are 3 new DOORS Enlightenment topics that have been added in November and December as well as links to the recordings for the events that have recently been delivered. Please scan the list below for those topics of interest and when you click on the link, you will see an abstract for each of the topics.

Please spread the word to others who may be interested.

Rhapsody Enlightenment Series

6/22 12-1 ET Validating the consistency & completeness of your requirements with modeling Manohar Rao

7/13 12-1 ET Reverse Engineering existing code into Rhapsody Chris Carson

7/27 12-1 ET Systems Engineering: Importing Requirements from DOORS to Rhapsody Justin Dyer

8/10 12-1 ET Safety Critical Software Development with Rhapsody Bruce Douglass

8/24 12-1 ET Systems Engineering: Trade Study Analysis Gavin Arthurs

9/14 12-1 ET DDS Software Development with Rhapsody Dan Poirot

9/28 12-1 ET Systems Engineering: Automating Harmony SE Processes with the SE Toolkit Andy Lapping

10/12 12-1 ET How to Organize Your Model for Teaming, Reuse, Configuration Management Ed Mayer

10/26 12-1 ET Systems Engineering: Creating Combined Simulations with Rhapsody and The Mathworks Simulink Ron Felice

11/9 12-1 ET Test Driven Development with Rhapsody TestConductor Jeff Cohen

12/14 12-1 ET Systems Engineering: Creating Interface Specifications with DOORS and Rhapsody Ed Mayer

DOORS Enlightenment Series

Webcast series 1st Friday (Introductory) and 3rd (Advanced) each month 12:00 Noon ET for approximately 1 hour

6/29/12 DOORS Next Generation Update (every 2 – 3 months) Richard Watson

7/6/12 Importing with ease Jim Marsh

7/20/12 Common Metrics Collection in DOORS George Siampos

8/3/12 Extending DOORS with DOORS Web Access Jim Hays

8/17/12 Optimizing the Performance of DOORS Web Access Jim Marsh

9/7/12 DOORS and Testing — The options available Jim Hays

9/21/12 Requirements Management and Product Line Engineering Michelle Specht

10/5/12 Collaborating with DOORS Discussions Melissa Robinson

10/19/12 Extending DOORS – Introduction to DXL (DOORS eXtension Language) Don Cunningham

11/2/12 Basic Tips and Tricks of Using DOORS Rick Learn

11/16/12 Managing Change Proposals in DOORS Steve Grossman

11/30/12 The Latest Update on DOORS Next Generation Richard Watson

12/7/12 Extending DOORS to Model Based Systems Engineering Barclay Brown

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