DOORS 9 is out

DOORS 9 was released on Friday, July 25. You can download it from Telelogic’s support site.


  1. Some information on Web Access:

    “Named” user license – $1000 + $200 yearly maintenance fee.
    Global floating license – $10,000 (not given info on maintenance fee)

    The issue is whether a “named” user license can only legally be used by one person or if you can give it a generic user name and have any 1 person use it. If the former is the case, I see Web Access doomed from the get go since asking $10,000 just for a floating license anyone can use is absurd. I was hoping to cut down on license costs for read only users by pushing for some Web Access users. Now I don’t know if that’s possible. Still waiting for information.

  2. Confirmed. “Named” user licenses are supposed to be used only by one person. Apparently this is not written into the license agreement yet but that will be changed soon.

    Sorry Telelogic. Web Access was a great idea, but one you doomed to failure from the start. Hopefully they’ll allow some Q&A on the topic at UGC in Austin this year and take feedback to heart. Because I’m sure I’m not the only one upset about this.

  3. David,

    If you’re right, and I have no reason to doubt you, it sounds as if Telelogic is going to be dragged kicking and screaming for DOORS to transition to a Web application. They can’t have the Web version eat into their sales, but they also have a client that is increasingly being seen as clunky and long-in-the-tooth (though it’s the best RM Tool that I have personally used). Add revenue from DOORSNet into the mix, and the problem for the sales/marketing team gets even more complex.

    This saddens me. I want to work with cool, cutting-edge tools. I actually was naive enough to believe that Web Access was going to be included free, as so many other apps do. Even RTM had a basic Web client a few years ago if you bothered to install it.

    Telelogic may be on top now, and I think they’ve been comfortable in that position for a while. I think the stage is being set for more browser-based tools and Telelogic themselves are helping to set that stage.

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