Tailored Requirements Management

Whether you’re just starting a new project or you’re currently struggling just keeping track of all the changes to all of the requirements you maintain, Baselines, Inc. can help you manage your requirements and improve current processes. Whether you need to maintain a full-blown CMMI-friendly process or don’t even have RM processes, we can improve your RM workflow. If you are just starting out and don’t know where to begin, we can help craft processes and ultimately save you countless hours of possible frustration. We can help your group figure out the best way to link test cases to use cases and the optimal method for importing requirements documents and data, in many different formats.

We Unlock DOORS For You

We specialize in requirements management using IBM Rational DOORS (formerly Telelogic DOORS). We are DOORS experts, having experience on relatively small projects and very large programs. With our knowledge your company can unlock and open DOORS. We offer what we believe to be the best available training for both standard users and DOORS administrators. Perhaps DOORS’ built-in Change Proposal system is perfect for your project. Maybe your company uses DOORS’ integration with Quality Center (formerly TestDirector). Maybe there isn’t a DOORS integration available for your change management software, such as Harvest. Maybe you want to craft a process to tie DOORS in with other CASE tools. Or you have issues in publishing specifications from DOORS, either with or without Rational Publishing Engine. We have solved these problems before and you can benefit from our experience. On the requirements management tools side, we also have experience with Serena RTM and working with data from IBM Requisite Pro, along with CORE. We have expertise in converting other databases into a DOORS friendly format, and even working with difficult Word documents, reformatting them completely if needed, and writing Visual Basic for Application macros to help speed the process.

Custom DXL Development

If DOORS doesn’t meet all of your needs out of the box, we can help customize your DOORS configuration across your organization as well as develop new functionality for the tool especially for your project.

Focused On Your Success

We base our measurement of success on helping you achieve success. Poor requirement management is linked to failure for many projects, both before and after the implementation phase. While we cannot guarantee that we can make your project successful, we can help improve requirements management process to greatly improve your chances for a successful project. Our solutions are tailored for your needs.

Contact us with your needs and we’ll help you completely unlock and open DOORS.